Reasons behind lying about age and keeping age in secret

Why do people lie about their age?

People love to be young always. They don’t want to penetrate them as an aged fellow. The following are the reasons why people lie about age?


People want to be in a teenage or in between in the adolescence age. They feel young and energetic during these ages. So when you take a good look in the mirror you may realize like 25 even if the age has crossed 30 or more.

A lot of people in the world want to be young and beautiful always and interested to show they are young. This is the reason they lie about age.

Many people don’t want to celebrate their birthday because others may reveal their birthday date. This is the reason beyond keeping your age as secret.

lying about age


In society, there is a rough idea about age is that youngsters can do the work fast and perfect than the aged fellows. Because of this, there is a huge competition in the world that makes people lie about age and their birth date as they don’t want to be back because of their age.

The ego also clashes among youngsters and old age people. Youngsters want to be modern and advanced with technology whereas the old age is not interested in advanced technology and stick with many easy and possible things. This is also the other reason to keep their age in secret.


Many people love to say still young then to be old. For them getting aging is a big problem and scared that society may call them aunt, uncle or grandpa. To avoid those scenarios they still feel young and say lie about their age.

They dress like youngsters to hide their age. The way they dress looks embrace in the life experience.


People are more interested in fame and popularity. In order to achieve fame, they hide their age and portrait them as a young skilled person. Lying about age is a small compliment that makes them happy.


Lying about age is deceitful. Accepting the person who ever not constrain about the age is the joyous thing. Embrace the wonder of life with the true lovely person around you. Age is not a big constraint in achieving big success. Better be like as you are than be lying about age.

Lie about age is considered acceptable socially as it is just the fact about the age and nothing more. The other person also doesn’t want to justify your answer as it is nobody’s business.