Creative ways to express hot anger & lead a healthier happy life

The best way to express the anger is to deal in a healthy way and change negative destructive feeling to the positive constructive action.

The anger makes the man get depressed mentally that directly affects him in a physical way. The anger may lead to several losses. It is essential to maintain calm and peace that is good for human health physically and mentally.

The survey says that the people who openly express their inner heart feelings feel healthier than the one who habitually suppresses their strong inner emotions.

Here are the best appropriate ways to express your anger and change your negative attitude to the positive way that helps to cherish your life.

Hit a ball

The best way to express anger in a healthy way is playing any game like a tennis ball, hit a ball, volleyball, or golf. The game activities make a change in their mind. It gives diversion and best mental relief.

It is advisable to go to the gym or do yoga or better start swimming in the water and suppress your anger inside the water. You feel fresh and energetic.

write out your anger


Write out your anger

When you are much worried or felt anger just write out your anger on the paper. All your depression went out and makes you feel happy and wise. Get a paper write out all your worries you feel relaxed and start to do your nest work. This is a healthy way to express your anger.

Sing or Dance out your anger

Music is the best medicine for all wounds. The healthy way to express your anger is listening to music. The music helps to forget your entire anger and make you fresh and cool. If you know to sing just sing out loud and express your anger in the way of music.

Playing a musical instrument is also the best medicine. Play the instruments that you know may be drums, violin, guitar, flute, etc. Music makes you feel healthy and Dance is also the best medicine to express your anger.

Dance helps to express your anger in a healthy way.  Dance in a private room on a staccato rhythm that helps to burst out your anger in a healthy way.

paint out your anger

Draw or paint out your anger

Painting is the best medicine to express anger in a healthy way. What makes you feel angry or how do you want to react to your anger, just express that in the form of painting in the best way to express the anger. It gives a mental relief to the body and soul. After drawing, make a colorful painting that totally changes your mentality.

After using all techniques, when you feel emotionless talk to the person directly in a calm way and gently explore your ways to fix the problem and suggest a better method to prevent similar situations and also in the future.

Just follow the above said appropriate ways to express your anger and lead a healthy and happier life.