People Never Apologize aren’t nice to themselves

Everyone in the world does mistakes, while some errors are small and some are big. Some are crucial like I know it is raining but I can go out and no disease will affect me.

Reason behind non-apologists

Some people say like don’t rush me as we have plenty of time to catch up on the flight and get stuck in the huge traffic in the midway of the airport. Well, mistakes are the same but it occurs in a different size.

Many people do mistakes and only a few will accept their mistake and the majority of the people never admit they are wrong. This is the human mentality. The people who never admit they are wrong will never apologize for their mistake.

Remember one thing, no one enjoys being wrong and it is an unpleasant experience that emotionally affects others. Sometimes people agree with the fault and say oops! You are right and I m wrong.

Where some of us is a kind of imply that they were wrong, but don’t do so explicitly or do in a way to satisfy the other person.

But some people never agree to the fault and they refuse to admit they’re really wrong. The people who never apologize if they are wrong is somewhat bad character and not ready to accept their fault.

They feel like they are only right even if they do a mistake, and they force us to make them understand even if they do a mistake. The people who never admit they are wrong will never apologize for their mistake. It is their ego problem. They always feel like they are only first and they do everything in the right way.

Apologies in different scenarios

Apologies may vary significantly: When we walk on the crowd and if we bumped to the unknown person on the huge crowd unknowingly, immediately we apologize at the person on the crowd.

When we travel with their spouse, the wife will follow the GPS system and never agrees to the spouse direction is another scenario that people never apologize even if they are wrong.

The husband’s way may be short and easy but the wife never accepts to understand the situation of husband and follow her own cell phone identification and refuse to turn at their spouse way is the inability to admit being wrong.

It is essential to say apologize for the mistake we do because that will harm the affected person and kills the real emotion that may lead to distress and make them scared about their future.


The character of Apologist and Non-apologists

The word “Sorry” carries psychological ramifications that imply the words run faster and deeper. It makes sense and conscious of a person.

The wrongdoing things are incredibly threatening for non-apologists, they have trouble to separate their actions and character. They are most selfish in the world. They itself sometimes know that they did a mistake but never admit they are wrong. They refuse to apologize for their mistake.

Apologies represent a major threat and a basic sense of identity and humanity. They understand the feeling of the people. They have an inability to admit being wrong.

Apologizing may give mental freeness to the guilt persons but for non-apologist, it is a selfish and same thing. They never realize in their life. They feel more toxic than being guilt.